About Our Services:What we do?

We provide the below services

  • Repair

    It is not uncommon for a countertop to be chipped. Chips can occur on the surface of a countertop as well as the edges. Epoxy is used for almost all of these repairs. We take special care to mix with colors to blend in with your countertop. Depending on the location of the chip, a right angle grinder with diamond grit sanding pads is sometimes used to smooth over the epoxy.
    There are few reasons for a seam or crack in solid stone to occur. There are many ways to repair a broken seam. Each situation is different and careful attention is given to re-solidify the integrity of the joint.

  • Reseal/ Resurface

    While natural stone is very resilient, it is still porous. It is industry recommended that all countertops be resealed annually to prevent staining of your investment. The surfaces to be resealed will be thoroughly cleaned of any buildup from cleaning supplies to hard water. Industrial grade silicone based sealer is then used to protect the natural look of your stone.
    Many countertops have what is known as a "Honed" finish. This finish is achieved by removing the polish from the surface of the stone. While this look adds a vintage look to the stone, it also becomes harder to maintain. Resurfacing a honed finish is completed by wet sanding the top until the marks are removed. It is then usually resealed using what is called an "ager" or "enhancer".

  • Remodeling

    Often times new appliances such as ovens or cooktops require more space than what is available. In these cases notches or cuts need to be made in the stone so that the new appliance will fit. We take much care to insure that any dust caused by this activity does not find its way into your home.

  • Stain Removal

    Grease is the most common cause for staining on natural stone. A poultice is created and applied to the surface. It is covered with plastic and left to set while the poultice is left to work. The type of material and reason for the stain dictates the corrective action that is needed.